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Finn-ID dividing into two strategic business units

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We were trapped in fact as the saying goes - stuck. Two different businesses demand clarity to flourish. We did it. We are pleased to announce our new strategy whereby Finn-ID will consist of two business units with their own vision and strategy. The changes already started early September and will be up and running beginning next year.


More than 30 years ago, Petteri Tarkkonen founded Finn-ID Oy to import barcode and data collection systems. Almost from the beginning, we had software development to promote the sale of our solutions. Over the past decade, we have continued to invest in laying the foundation for a profitable software business.

The changes we make are aimed at maintaining our long-term competitiveness and growth potential

Finn-ID has two successful business areas, which we divided into two separate and independent business units; Solutions and Products. Within the company, the software solutions team has been given the working name “Salt” and the product solution sales team “Pepper”. For a good soup, you need both salt and pepper.


To ensure the growth and long-term development of both business areas, our new strategy allows for a clear focus and strategic direction for both business units.

Our “Salt team” focuses on selling comprehensive ATTUNE solutions. The development and delivery of our ATTUNE products (for example ATTUNE iLO and ATTUNE ParkkiV) will be carried out by this team in the future.

By utilizing our extensive products portfolio and comprehensive industry knowhow, our “Pepper team” solves identification, labeling and mobile data collection challenges.

The Finn-ID Solutions business unit is led by Markku Lento and the Finn-ID Products business unit is led by Janne Pyrrö, CEO of Finn-ID Oy. Aapo Nurmi is responsible for the sales and Pasi Väisänen for the software development at the Finn-ID Solutions business unit.

“Over time, our business had evolved to a point whereby creating two separate and focused strategic business units was the next natural step in our growth story. By developing and optimizing our business strategies, we ensure that both business units can serve our customers even better and we can achieve a leading position in our target markets", says Janne Pyrrö, CEO of Finn-ID.

“The changes we make are aimed at maintaining our long-term competitiveness and growth potential, which will benefit both business units and their employees, customers and other stakeholders. We are able to provide better service to our customers with more focused sales teams with sharper responsibilities. We can provide more targeted service through our experts who focus on the special needs of our customers. We will continue to serve with the same products and with the same familiar salespeople”, Pyrrö continues.

Finn-ID puolittaa turhan työn ja rakentaa aikakoneita

Despite their own priorities, the two business units still have a lot in common: Finn-ID's mission to "digitalization of logistics", strong brand, values, culture and over 30-year history.

The journey of change is like a mountain hike. We don’t always know what’s behind the next corner and how long the journey is. We are ready to embark on a journey of change, and we want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.


Additional information:

Janne Pyrrö,, p. 09 3510 1331

Markku Lento,, p. 09 3510 1345

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