Solutions by sector

Sector-specific focus, careful survey and planning, solid software expertise and in-depth knowledge of hardware ensure the delivery of the right solutions for your particular processes.

We take pride in our expertise on customer sectors. Our consulting salespersons are experts in their respective fields of industry. They know how their customers operate, and they analyse the logistical problems of each organisation on the spot in order to offer the best possible solutions. Should the process activities take place in inventory control, production line, transport or even in a hospital laboratory, Finn-ID’s bar code and RFID based solutions bring workforce level processes into data
system seamlessly and in real time.

Thanks to our sector-specific experience, we can often offer solutions to customers before they become aware of the need for them themselves.

Our application solutions are compatible with practically all ERP systems. To date, more than one thousand of our customers have relied on our expertise in producing solutions and establishing interfaces.

Storage management

Badly organized storage management causes many problems: storing costs rise, storages cycle slows down and usually customer satisfaction declines.

Even one illogical or abnormal procedure in storage management can cause expenses and the possibility of errors gets higher.

Practical storage management and logistics are very important for organizations’ profitability. In Finn-ID we have several years’ experience about various storage management solutions.

With optimal storage functions, you can get the following:

· automatization means faster information and more effective work

· correct and reliable information decreases errors

· work scheduling is easier

· products can be traced and followed

· similar work methods brings efficiency

· temporary staff is easier and faster to train/brief

Mobile work

Mobile work solutions reinforce ERP system’s abilities and give new tools for the staff on the field. Our mobile work solutions suits everyone who needs efficient work supervision and a handy way to log in to ERP system anytime and anywhere. The combination of mobile device and software suits perfectly for mobile work. In the other hand it helps to supervise, schedule and report the work.

Benefits to work supervising and planning and also to the work on the field:

· More invoicing
Because of the smooth data transfer, staff has more time to profitable work.

· Faster invoicing
Because you get the information immediately, you can make the invoice right away.

· Savings in working time
Because the documents from the field work updates automatically to the system, there is more time for more important tasks

· Improvement in customer service
Because the process is faster there is more time for the client.

· Minimizing errors in mobile work
The information is documented to the back end/backup system immediately and because of that the information is useable right away.

Healthcare solutions

Finn-ID is well known partner of Finnish health care. Our solutions to contribute patient safety are used in every Finnish health care district. We serve in patient safety, patient identification and self-service related matters. We provide solutions for example to laboratories, storages, pharmacy and equipment maintenance. Because of our working efficiency improving solutions the hospital staff has more time to help the patients themselves.

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