The solutions we provide for control of logistics operation and information management help our customers to concentrate on their core business and enhance their processes.

Established in 1986, Finn-ID Oy is a market leader in its field, well known for its solid expertise. Our annual net sales are about nine million Euros, and we employ 50 enthusiastic professionals. We are also one of the fifteen companies recognised in the small organisations league by the Great Place to Work® Institute Finland in 2011.

In addition to Finland, we have operations in Baltics and Russia. As a group we have over 9,000 customers and we have delivered over 1,400 systems for the organizations working in manufacturing, trade and public sector since 1986.

Are you interested in partnership?

The mission of Finn-ID is to produce for its Finnish customer companies solutions for control of logistics operation requiring in-depth expertise, which is based on automatic recognition and combines knowledge and skill.

In our 30-year history we have made strong and trustworthy connections to many system suppliers and technology partners. They appreciate the reliability and strong expertise we have, but also keeping our promises and schedules are well valued.

Finn-ID also takes into account the requirements of sustainable development in all its activities.

As one of our solutions to the client we offer suitable technology systems. That’s why we co-operate closely with some respected technology companies. Our Repair & Technical Support Service unit is authorized to service those brands and also takes regular training to keep up with the development.

If co-operation interests you contact us. Let’s schedule a meeting and think if our co-operation gives our customers even better solutions.

Our common environment

Finn-ID also takes into account the requirements of sustainable development in all its activities.

We are committed to abide by the legislation and regulations related to the conservation of nature and environmental protection. We make sure that our activities have minimal environmental impact and seek to recycle and end-use recyclable materials whenever possible.

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